One of the first things I ever wrote was the narrator’s script for a sausage hotline for a sausage song for a sausage holiday.


Here are a few of the lines in case you didn’t feel like spending your spare time on hold.

Leon Sunday, the man with a voice of gold and a heart of sausage.

Staying on hold is a Bratsgiving tradition. Thank you for participating in Bratsgiving!

You're on hold. Leon Sunday's life was on hold for 30 years. Then he made the "Ballad of Bratsgiving." 

We appreciate your patience. You're on hold for a hotline about a sausage holiday. Please remain patient. 

[Sound of phone picking up] "Hello, this is a Bratsgiving hotline agent. [pause] Letting you know that you're still on hold."

All of our agents are currently busy. Average wait time is approximately 75-80 plays of Leon Sunday's "Ballad of Bratsgiving."

Thanks for holding on the line. Just think if the line were made out of sausages you could eat. Man, that'd be great.

If Leon Sunday were you, he'd download Leon Sunday's "Ballad of Bratsgiving."

Bratsgiving is about family. And sausage. And in this case, it's about holding for a little longer.


Thanks to Leon Sunday, sausage never sounded so good. Please stay on the line.

CD: Scott Bell

AD: Conner Tobiason

CW: Craig Gerringer, Me